July 10, 1914

Despite the deepening crisis, which eventually engulfed Europe in a war which would cost millions of lives, there was little sense of what was to come in the pages of the UK press in early July 2014.

The Daily Telegraph article, Austria, Servia and the Sarajevo Crime which featured on page 11 of the Friday, July 10, edition claimed that “nothing will be asked of (Servia) which could be regarded in Belgrade either as an affront of a humiliation.”

Peaceful resolution appeared to be the favoured coutcome.

In Derbyshire the eight-page broadsheet Ashbourne Telegraph, priced 1d, carried international news – this week the murderous tale of a Parisian chemist facing charges of poisoning his mother, two wives and a child. But no mention of the Austria-Hungary tensions.

There was, however, the usual column of household hints which over the weeks gave advice on how to prevent your sheets fraying and how to cook spinach a la crème. Also published was the latest instalment of Double Chance, a fiction by JS Fletcher, and the week’s village bus and rail timetables.

One of the more prominent stories of the week was an account of a county man, whose fowl had laid “an extraordinary egg”. The bird produced an egg weighing six ounces and measuring eight inches in diameter. It had two yolks and, was, the Telegraph reported: “In every way equal to two full-sized eggs.”

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